menu monday: new well fed 2 recipes

After a week off from cooking (since we were out of town last weekend) I had quite the cook up this weekend and tried a handful of new Well Fed 2 recipes. I’ve only taste tested a few of them since they are prepped for mid week, everything is delicious as usual.

This Weekend: A few of the usuals: eggs and bacon, take-out Pho… twice. We had Thyme Braised Short Ribs for dinner Sunday with brussels sprouts. Terrible photo, but it was delicious.


Breakfast: Spicy-Sweet Salmon Cakes (WF2) with mayo. I’m still loving salmon cakes for breakfast and each week I’m trying a new variation. There are nine variations in total in WF2 and so far I’ve tried three.


Lunch: Tod Mun Chicken Cakes + Cucumber Relish (scroll down post for recipe) + Asian Slaw (WF2).


Dinners: Leftover short ribs, pork chops and Merguez Sausage (made a double batch with lamb and liver); zucchini soup and cauliflower mash, plus whatever other veggies are left.IMG_8173_edited-1

We had a really lazy weekend but it was quite productive. I’m newly obsessed with Scandal and to feel less guilty I made myself do something productive between each episode. As you can see, Alfred can’t wait to see what Olivia Pope is up to next either.

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