menu monday: it’s bbq season!

Though I try really hard to enjoy and be thankful for every day, it’s not big secret that I live for summer and fall. As far as I’m concerned we can do without January through May. This weekend we celebrated what might be my favorite weekend of the year, the start of BBQ season. We had a 1pm Sounders game and 75 degree weather. How do you not follow up a 4-0 victory on a sunny day with a BBQ?


I’m still cruising along with my 12 week challenge (week three starts today!) and Whole30. I wanted to make a meal that everyone would enjoy and that would be compliant for me as well. A bit of Pinteresting later and I had decided on build your own kabobs. This is perfect for our Sounders group, as we have big carnivores (me) and those who much prefer mostly veg with a bit of protein (my dear friend Becca). With this set-up, everyone made their kabobs to order and threw them on the grill as they wanted another one. Note: the potatoes are not Whole30 compliant. 

You could totally change the recipes and do you own thing, but I went the easy route and copied  The Meanest Mommy’s plan exactly as she posted (skipped the hot dogs as we only had 7 people eating). All the meats got great reviews, though I think my favorite was the chicken. Not sure I’ve used tarragon much before and I really like it. I prepped all the meat and chopped the veggies before the game (took about an hour) and there was almost no work once we were ready to eat. I get made fun of every time, but I don’t believe a party is truly a party if there are not some sort of food labels.


We ended up with leftovers so my menu plan for the week is looking really easy. It’s one of those weeks where I’m just going to eat the same thing for each meal all week because it’s easy and, if it’s something I enjoy, I totally don’t mind the repetition. That really is the key to eating the same meal over and over. You need to make sure it’s a meal you love. I do not recommend planning to eat a chicken breast and roast broccoli for lunch four days in a row. I guarantee (from past experience) the pizza in the cafeteria will call your name by Wednesday.

Breakfast: Tropical Salmon Cakes with Spicy Coconut Mayo from Well Fed 2 (recipes not available online so go get yourself a copy!). I am loving salmon cakes for breakfast. They are easy to make ahead, something different from eggs, help me get a daily serving of seafood (a new goal I’m working on) and with a little mayo easily keep me full until lunchtime. Well Fed 2 has about 10 different variations which help change it up a bit.

Lunch: Turkish Doner Kabob with Zucchini Noodles and Tahini Sauce. A new Well Fed 2 recipe, finally! I need to do a recap of where I am with my cooking through the book. Clearly taking much longer than anticipated, but I also didn’t expect to start a complete career change this year.

Dinner: Leftovers from the BBQ with whatever veggies I find in the fridge.

The week ends in pretty much the best way possible: a super quick weekend trip to Waikiki with my hubby. It will be my first traveling Whole30 and I’ll try to write a bit about how I plan (and succeed!) to tackle that next week.

Screen Shot 2014-06-01 at 9.25.36 AM


6 thoughts on “menu monday: it’s bbq season!

    1. Beth Martin Post author

      Since I started eating salmon cakes + mayo for breakfast I’m eating lunch almost a full hour later. It really is the best and with WF2 there are tons of variations to keep it fresh.

  1. Alison

    Melissa should start paying you a commition, haha. Love to eat salmon for breakfast, yum. Traveling with restrictions is tough, good luck with it.


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