five minute photography challenge

IMG_8125_edited-1 IMG_8128_edited-1 IMG_8131_edited-1 IMG_8138_edited-1 IMG_8140_edited-1 IMG_8142_edited-1 IMG_8145_edited-1 IMG_8146_edited-1 IMG_8148_edited-1One thing I’ve noticed with the switch from weekly to monthly project life is that I don’t take pictures for the sake of taking pictures anymore. It was a necessary decision to take on work in other areas of my life (like career 2.0), but what limited photography skills I have are definitely regressing. This morning I gave myself a five minute challenge: find white objects and photograph them.

It felt good to get out the real camera and play around for a few minutes. Hoping to do this more often and see if I can improve my skills even though taking photos isn’t high on my to-do list right now. It’s a good lesson for me that in order to do something, I don’t need to dedicate an entire weekend to it. Progress can be made in five minute increments (with another 10 minutes to blog about it).

Happy Friday, hope you have a great weekend!


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