the pouf


As part of my efforts to finish the office update, I made us a pouf. We don’t have a coffee table in front of the couch in order to keep the space open, but we needed something to put our feet up on.  IMG_4392_edited-2

I’m not sure what it was about this project, but I found it really tedious and it took me months to finish. I bought fabric in January, cut it in February, sewed one half in March, and then finally finished it a week ago in May. It might be that I just have a lot going on and this felt like a project that I needed to finish but didn’t care much about by the time I sat down to complete it.


I’m not sure the pouf is going to last all that long. I think I might have overstuffed it, so the seems are already pulling a bit. For now, it’s serving it’s purpose as a foot rest at the desk or when we’re on the couch. 

Project: 6/35
Time: 3 hours
Tutorial: Sewing 101: Making a Pouf
Cost: $20 (that’s a guess, bought the fabric awhile ago and don’t have the receipt)

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