celebrating greg’s birthday

I mentioned earlier this week that Greg and I got away to Whidbey Island on Saturday night to celebrate his birthday. I worked with his boss to plan the surprise – it was such a nice gift to give Greg. Glad I got to partake, too! I’m thankful for in-laws who love our doodle and are always willing and happy to keep him for a weekend when we leave town.

We started with a Saturday morning ferry ride. I had told Greg we were meeting friends for brunch to get us out of the house and while we were “on our way” to brunch I told him we were going on adventure instead, so towards the ferry we went. I’m still fascinated by driving onto a ferry. It’s just so cool!

IMG_4971_edited-1 IMG_4972_edited-1

We had lunch at a cafe in Langley after checking into our room. It was not the best service or food so I won’t bother mentioning it. After lunch we got coffees and wandered around the little town. We stopped in at a winery tasting room and found a great bottle of wine and a fun Spanish vintner to chat with for an hour or so. I love talking to people who are obviously passionate about what they do.

IMG_4973_edited-1 IMG_4975_edited-1 IMG_4976_edited-1 IMG_4977_edited-1


It was raining a little so we headed back to our room and napped and watched HGTV. Because that’s just what we do when we travel. We’ve agreed we can never have the channel at home because weekends will be completely wasted zoning out to home shows.

IMG_4980_edited-1 IMG_4982_edited-1

IMG_7840_edited-1 IMG_4992_edited-1 IMG_4989_edited-1

We got ready for the big event – the 13 course chef’s dinner at the Inn. Oh my gosh, it was so good. I decided I wanted to enjoy the experience, especially since it was Greg’s birthday dinner, so I didn’t take pictures during the meal (except for one course because it was too fun  not to). I’m glad I did. Most people were pulling out there phone every course and I think we enjoyed it more just chatting and enjoying the food and wine pairings.

IMG_4996_edited-1 IMG_4997_edited-1

I think we ended up with the best seats in the house. We were seated next to each other and facing the kitchen so we could easily talk and watch the chefs prepare each course.IMG_4999_edited-1 IMG_5001_edited-1

This course was “sweet earth”; it hung in mini terrariums and the chefs came out and cut them down when it was time to eat them. (It was a beet with a crumble on top and something creamy. There were a lot of courses, hard to remember the details of each!)


The last dessert course is cut off in this picture of the menu. We can’t decide if our favorite course was the lamb or the asparagus soup. The food was all delicious and served in such fun, invented ways. The soup came in beakers that we drank from, with a piece of pickled asparagus wrapped in lardo. It was amazing. The gin and tonic experiment was served in a petri dish and that we ‘inoculated’ with gin. Strange but tasty.

I didn’t pack any electronics, including charges, aside from our phones. They died in the evening and it was nice to be totally electronicless for a few hours. We ate brunch at the Inn, watched more HGTV and eventually made our way back across the water.

Just for fun, my TimerCam outtakes. I have a very patient husband. greg bday outakes

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