style me spring challenge {days 17 – 21}

The spring challenge is done. I’m excited to get dressed and get out of the house without having to snap pictures, but otherwise I’m a little sad it’s over. I had so much fun and I’m still getting compliments at work as I try new outfits. It was well worth the $10 cost to register and here are just a handful of the reasons why.

1. More than anything, it proved ladies can be nice to each other. The Facebook group was amazing. I think there were nearly 500 women in the group and I’m not exaggerating when I say I don’t recall ever seeing any piece of negativity. It was so supportive and positive, I have restored faith in how women treat each other.

2. I learned to love color. I never even thought twice about my winter clothes packed away in the garage. I am all about mint + coral + navy + olive + turquoise. And throw in some lime for good measure.

3. I embraced lipstick. I went to Sephora, put aside my fears and asked for help, and came out with two pretty colors that I wear daily. I need to get better at reapplying midday, but at least I leave the house looking thirty something and not twelve.

4. I combined my wardrobes. Several items I’ve worn both on weekends and weekdays. I’m not thinking of most items as work of play clothes anymore. Some combos are more suited for the office or for a day of running errands and relaxing, but I’m mixing it all up and wearing it all.

5. I learned to be smart about shopping. I’ve worn all but one shirt that I bought (I haven’t ironed it yet) and most things multiple times in the three weeks. Buying clothes with an idea in mind and ensuring they coordinate really helps getting more mileage out of your wardrobe.

6. I save time in the morning. I spend about 10 minutes at night deciding what I’m going to wear and ironing anything that is wrinkled. I easily spent 10 minutes before in the morning trying to find something to wear and never looked cute or pulled together.

7. I learned the best way to dry button downs. Put them in the dryer for about five minutes then hang dry. They only require a quick pass of the iron and look great. I can’t remember which lady left that tip early in the challenge, but it’s fantastic.

8. I learned even when I’m down to nothing thanks to a desperate laundry situation, spending five minutes yields a respectable outfit. Looking at you, Day 17.

9. I always knew and have finally accepted that accessories make the outfit. They can be cheap (I got scarves and belts from Target for $10) or a little more fancy (my Kimberly necklace). Doesn’t matter. Wear one, or better yet two or three, and you will look instantly pulled together.

10. It worked no matter how much money you wanted to spend. Some ladies bought entire new wardrobes to celebrate losing significant amounts of weight. On the other end, several ladies had goals of no shopping this year and did the challenge entirely from their own closet. It really wasn’t about how much you have but about thinking creatively and taking a few chances. Like white pants in April….

Lucky for you the challenge is coming back for summer! If you’re interested, you can sign up here to be on the email list when registration opens.

outfit17 outfit18 outfit19

outfit20 outfit21Over the last month I’ve been collecting my own challenge prompts to keep me going. I’ve been pinning tons of outfits that I can recreate with clothes I have in my closet already. I’m using them to decide what to wear each day. My two goals to follow up with challenge with are 1) continuing to organize myself in the evening before I go to bed and 2) to not repeat an exact outfit before the summer challenge starts.

Spring Me Challenge-2

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12 thoughts on “style me spring challenge {days 17 – 21}

    1. Beth Martin Post author

      Thank you! I’m making my list of items I want that would go well with what I already have. But I promised myself no shopping until the summer list comes out so I’m hoping there’s some overlap with my wish list! Date: Wed, 7 May 2014 14:00:18 +0000 To:

  1. Sarah C

    Love that gray maxi, where did you get it? What a great goal to not repeat an outfit until the summer challenge. Agreed, accessories do make an outfit. and love the looking like a 30-something instead of 12, I have that same problem 🙂

  2. Jordan

    I love your point about being a smarter shopper. I have actually started a list of specific items that would complement the stuff I already have in my wardrobe. I also found that the night before is a much better time to plan what I am going to wear! I may have to try the lipstick!

    1. Beth Martin Post author

      I’ve got a list going as well. I really hope a few of the summer items are items on my list! Go get yourself some lipstick. I feel like such a grown up every morning putting it on. 🙂


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