style me spring challenge {days 3 – 9}

I’m back again with a wrap-up of my fashion strides over the last week. I’m still getting many compliments at work so I think I’m continuing to improve. I know I for sure leave the house feeling more pulled together than ever before. The weather has not been spring-like at all, but I’m still wearing my color and reminding myself there will be sunshine some day. Please excuse how dark the pictures are this week; the pics definitely suffer when the weather is stormy.

First up, my final shopping damage. I would feel guilty, except I don’t because I’m wearing everything and have a massive pile of stuff that was just sitting in the closet ready for the Goodwill. Also (yes, you can quote me dear Husband), I won’t be shopping for anything until the summer shopping list comes out. That was the deal I made with myself and I plan on keeping it.


Gap: white eyelet pop over, navy gingham shirt, white + gray sweatersnavy striped maxi skirt
Ann Taylor Loft: olive skinny cargos, blue skinny pants (similar), mint sheer button down

You can find links to the other new pieces in my original Style Me Spring Challenge post.

{I’d like to note that if you plan to buy anything from either Gap or Loft you should never do so full price. Everything I bought from Gap or Loft was at least 40% off, if not 60%. It’s just crazy to buy anything full price from either of these stores because they constantly have sales. Wait a day or two and the item you want will be marked down, I promise.}


swearter: old/nordstrom; heels: old/jessica simpson, belt: old/old navy; all other pieces linked in original post

This might be the easiest outfit formula ever: tank + sweater + scarf + skinny jeans + heels. I added a necklace because I’m an overachiever. My jeans are a dark wash, not black. If you want an inexpensive way to dress up your spring wardrobe I highly recommend a floral scarf. I ended up with two and have worn both a couple of times already. Instant spring around your neck.


chambray shirt: old/nordstrom; flats: old/steve madden; bangles: old/various; scarf linked in original post; skinny cargo pants linked above

I’ve had this chambray shirt for months but only wore it a time or two. I am having fun pairing items that have been in my closet with new clothes I purchased for the challenge. My new favorite pants are the olive skinny cargos from LOFT (lighter in color than they appear here). They are more comfortable than jeans and perfect for fun or work.


t-shirt: old/gap; jeans: old/vigoss; necklace: old/stella & dot; jacket and jeans linked in original post

One of the BEST part of this challenge by far is spending a few minutes at night thinking about my clothes for the next day and zero minutes in the morning. When I laid this out Thursday night I was skeptical, thinking it was going to be really boring. But Friday morning when I put it on I was in love. It might be my favorite outfit yet because it’s so versatile: casual Friday at work, running errands, meeting friends for lunch. It’s a t-shirt and jeans with a little oomph. Also, olive + turquoise is an awesome color combo I’d never thought about before.


scarf: old/local boutique; boots: old/dsw; skirt linked above; jacket and t-shirt linked in original post

This is something I never would have tried on my own, for sure. The day’s outfit called for a maxi skirt but it was pouring rain here in Seattle. After a little investigation on Pinterest, it looks like maxi skirts can work outside of summer with flat or ankle boots. I picked my favorite pair of boots and added a bright green scarf as we were watching a Sounders game with friends that evening. Totally out of my comfort zone, but fun to try something new and will definitely extend the wear of what I used to think of as just summer clothes.


jeans: old/vigoss; flats: old/steve madden; cardigan and shirt linked in original post

Easter Sunday. We enjoyed some family time in the morning and finally got dressed after lunch. Typically I would have showered and put on clean yoga pants, but I wanted to follow the outfit today. It look approximately 30 seconds longer to put this on and I looked approximately one thousand times less frumpy. I added a pair of small dangly earrings and was done. No hair, no make-up, but still looked presentable for a trip to Home Depot.


necklace: old/stella˙ pants, shoes, and belt linked in original post; eyelet top linked above

Color! Mint + coral is another new color combination I hadn’t thought of before and will definitely look for more often. The Stella&Dot Together Forever necklace (that I’ve had for 3+ years) is my go-to; it looks good with everything and always works when I can’t figure out what jewelry will look good. I feel like if I keep wearing bright colors the sun will have to show up for more than a few hours. Right?


rain boots: old/hunter; jacket, scarf, striped t-shirt, flats: linked in original post; gray skinny cargos linked above

It was chilly and rainy today, so white jeans + bright tank + wedges weren’t going to happen. I still wanted some color though so grabbed a long sleeve neon top and a floral scarf. I had a few appointments in the morning and went with rain boots, then switched to flats when I went to work later in the day.

We’re almost halfway done with the challenge, it’s flying by. Check out this week’s recaps from these ladies.

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14 thoughts on “style me spring challenge {days 3 – 9}

  1. Sarah C

    Love all of your combo this week! Especially the maxi skirt one. I just think the denim jacket really makes the outfit look put together, and the scarf too 🙂

  2. ampfrances

    So many of your outfits are my favorites! Especially the ones with the bright colors because I find it hard to believe that you previously only wore black. Such great combinations!

  3. Carrie

    Beth, I remember seeing the white blouse with the red pants but I could not remember who posted it. I love that outfit, especially the blouse. It’s so feminine and just pretty. Like the style of your blog. 🙂

  4. Carrie

    Hey Beth – not sure where to post this but I nominated you for a Liebster Award. You can check it out at

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