on fashion

Not to state the obvious, but I’m not a fashionista. I’m not particularly interested in looking trendy, but I am interested in looking polished and at least not outdated. I want to own less but wear more. And lastly, I want to combine my work wardrobe with my casual wardrobe so I only have one (given my current client and my plans for the future, this is reasonable).

I’ve tried a few things to improve my game in the fashion area lately. I started following the Pinterest Told Me To blog (after shopping around for a blog to follow I landed on Sheaffer’s as I like her style and she shops at stores that are familiar to me) and also checking out Pinterest itself for outfit inspiration. I just searched for “spring outfits” and within the results there are many I could remake with clothes I already own but wouldn’t have thought to combine myself.

Last fall, during a visit to Nordstrom to look for jeans, I ended up working with a stylist. It wasn’t planned, but she kept brining me clothes that fit really well and I loved it. I thought this was the answer to my fashion problems and had plans to go back the next season for a refresh. Then I got home and realized I’d spent a decent chunk of money on a couple of outfits. Nothing coordinated as it was just outfits, not a wardrobe. I do have to say that Nordstrom stylists are great at what they do – if you are looking for a specific item I highly advise going in and asking for help. I haven’t had that experience at any other store.

Next up I tried StitchFix. The idea is that you spend $20 and they send you 5 items (after you fill out a questionnaire and optionally provide them with a Pinterest board link). You keep the items you like (your $20 is applied to the cost of what you keep), and send back the rest, leaving comments about what you didn’t like. I received two fixes and kept five out of the ten pieces. Not bad, right? I currently have it on hold because I found the next step in my fashion journey, but I can see myself using StitchFix again in the future.


Super awkward pictures of me wearing some of my StitchFix items: black & white dress; black tunic top with detailing; navy and white heart tunic top.

Tomorrow I’m joining with a group of ladies to share about my latest fashion find that I am super excited about. Through Pinterest Told Me To, I heard about the Style Me Spring Challenge being put together by Get Your Pretty On. Alison put together a shopping list of 18 items that can be made into (at least) 21 outfits. They are all casual outfits, so I thought I would join up with the bloggers to show how I end up adapting the daily outfits to fit my “casual end of business casual” work environment. Stay tuned to see if I can manage three whole weeks of no yoga pant outfits. It will certainly be a first.



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