IMG_7999_edited-1Back in the summer of 2011 I started following the Oil Cleansing Method for washing my face. I absolutely love it and if you know me in real life you know I can talk about the amazingness of coconut oil for hours (sorry, friends). As part of the method, you steam your face with a washcloth, requiring you to own several.

When I first decided to try, I went to Target and bought two bundles of white washcloths. I never replaced them and 2.5 years later they were looking very sorry. So sorry Greg even mentioned it might be time to replace them. (He also mentioned that because they were looking so dirty he thought we were using them as rags now, but we’ll pretend that part didn’t happen.)

For my fifth sewing project, I decided to make myself new wash cloths. I planned this months ago and purchased supplies. At some point in February I cut the fabric and made a few of the washcloths. This weekend I finally sat down and finished. This was incredibly tedious, but I ended up with really soft washcloths that won’t be mistaken for rags. I’ve had a couple in rotation for nearly two months know and they are holding up in the wash.


I cut squares out of terrycloth and flannel fabric. I ordered a light green terrycloth and two coordinating flannels from fabric.com. I think in the future I’ll stick with buying in store; there was nothing wrong with the fabrics I received, it’s just so much more fun to pick out in person. IMG_7992_edited-1

Pinned together right sides of the fabric.IMG_7982_edited-1

Sewed around all but half of one side. IMG_7987_edited-1

Pulled the fabric through, then sewed around the outside again (somewhat carefully folding in the half side that had not been sewn yet).IMG_7997_edited-1

Project: 5/35
Time: 3 hours
Tutorial: Baby Washcloth Tutorial
Cost: $10 (that’s a guess, bought the fabric awhile ago and can’t find the receipt)

2 thoughts on “washcloths

  1. Shaunacey

    they turned out great!
    I recently got a sewing machine and really wish I had more time to learn how to use it (we moved, are doing renos, I’m back to work soon etc. oh and the 1 year old). I LOVE seeing other people’s projects though!

    1. Beth Martin Post author

      I definitely recommend taking a class to get started. A friend and I took a basics class and it was a great way to learn. We found it at a local sewing store.


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