project life: march


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I mentioned before that I went easy with my March spread. It was kind of a crazy month, mostly because it seemed to be the most intense month for my NTP coursework. I also had two study groups and the annual NTA conference that I attended for the first time, all on weekends. The month felt very unbalanced with how much time I spent studying. I was fully expecting that when I signed up and I love everything about becoming an NTP, it just meant we didn’t do a whole lot in March that was picture worthy.


Alfred turned two on March 30th, which was really the only big event of the month. I made him a paper crown that he shockingly wasn’t interested in wearing. To celebrate, he got a new bone from the farmer’s market. Greg and I brought him home Memorial Day weekend 2012, so we haven’t had him quite two years yet but it feels like the three of us have always been a little family. IMG_8003_edited-1I had so few photos from the month I used the “top ten” idea from Elise’s February project life. Actually, a few of the top ten events I didn’t even have a picture of, so I just made do with what I had. You know you are stretching for big doin’s in a month when you include making airline status.

Supplies: The majority of this spread is from the Studio Calico Office Hours PL kit. I also include a few cards from the Sunshine PL Core kit. I used Design C and Design F pocket pages (for the Design F I sew the 4×6 opening to create a full page of 4×3 pockets).

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