menu monday: veggie shopping

We’ve has such a nice, relaxing weekend. Greg and Jon put down sod in our backyard and theirs, we watched a fantastic Sounders vs. Portland game with friends at a local pub, and other than that we’ve sat around the house not doing a whole lot. I’ve been able to sew, knit, and play with paper this weekend which hasn’t happened in a while. I’ll be paying for it a little this coming week with lots of studying, but sometimes you just need a craft break.

Screen Shot 2014-04-06 at 4.46.11 PM

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Everything on the menu this week is from Well Fed 2. There are a few recipes I’ve already tried but quite a few new ones as well. I think I’m well over half way cooking through the book and it’s been so much fun. I’m hoping to put up a page with a link to all the posts with recipes once I complete it. I’m also thinking I should give away a copy of the cookbook to celebrate accomplishing my goal once it happens.

Plantain Nachos
Salmon Cakes
Cauliflower Soup
Crispy Chicken Livers


Sunday morning breakfast! We topped our eggs with salmon roe. I recently heard the term Nutravore and I love it. I always feel a little weird saying I’m Paleo or finding a way to describe how I eat. My current goal is eating the most nutrient dense food I can (90% of the time or so, I am human). Hence nutravore. That doesn’t mean I love it all. Greg is pretty much up for trying anything and from time to time I bring home something we’re not so keen on. Neither of us were big fans of the roe, at least on eggs. I’ll try it again and if I’m still not a fan Alfred will be getting an expensive treat.

The New Veggie Buying Plan

I find that when I plan recipes for veggies I usually spend more money looking for specific veggies and buying additional ingredients than when I just sauté, grill or roast veggies. I also find that I waste more because sometimes following a recipe after work just feels like too much trouble. I decided to try something new and it’s worked pretty well the last two weeks.

1. I might include a veggie recipe or two on my menu, but for the most part I just include how many servings I need. I mark down both how many veggies and how many people will be eating.

Screen Shot 2014-04-06 at 9.10.32 AM

2. I add up the number of servings I need and take that number to the farmers market or store with me.

3. I pick out veggies based on what’s on sale and in season (cheaper). I’m not going to lie, the farmers markets in Seattle are ROUGH right now, so I’ve been supplementing with out of season veggies available at WF. I’m not eating root veggies for every meal.

4. I roughly calculate the number of servings I’ll get with each veg. I continue to add to my pile until I meet my total needed. This might take some time when you first start, but I have a pretty good idea these days of how many servings I get out of most veggies.

5. Back at home, I list out what I bought and my expected servings.

6. I exchange my veg placeholders on my menu with the actual veggies I’ve bought. <– THIS IS IMPORTANT! Chances are, if I don’t do this, relatively high that the veggies will go to waste because I won’t have a plan for them. (This week is sort of a bad example because what I bought doesn’t entirely tie with what’s on the menu. I’m just tired of what’s available and after buying veggies decided to go with side salads I can buy at work for lunch.)

I got a tiny bunch of asparagus at the market this weekend and it gives me hope that in the coming month or two I’ll be able to do all (or at least most) of my veggie shopping local and in season.

This would be an excellent place to include a photo of my veg loot for the week, but it seems on the weekends that we get lots of relaxing time I’m off my game and don’t have as much to work from. Instead here’s a picture from a stroll around the lake Sunday afternoon with the Allegres. I love that the weather is getting better and we’ll all emerging from hibernation. You know you’ve really made it in North Seattle when you’e got multiple dogs and a stroller. IMG_4636_edited-1


4 thoughts on “menu monday: veggie shopping

    1. Beth Martin Post author

      It’s a bit of a sickness. 🙂 And also, I have never followed the plan 100% any week that I can think of, but it’s really helpful to have a plan to work from.

    1. Beth Martin Post author

      Thanks for introducing yourself! I’m glad to know there are other real food documenters in need of some fashion help out there! PL is a great creative outlet and I love having the memories to look back on – have fun with it!


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