menu monday: my kitchen mojo is back

As usual, after a short break from doing anything in the kitchen my mojo came back in full force. So much so I even ventured out to the farmer’s market on Saturday. It’s slim pickings in Seattle during March.  I’m hoping to start going more and was excited to have fun conversations with my fish guy and with a lady selling local apple cider vinegar.

Screen Shot 2014-03-30 at 5.41.02 PM

I haven’t been able to fix the fuzzy display of the menu in this post, but if you click the picture it will open large and clear in a new window. All recipes available online are linked in the pictures below, except for the dairy free, nut free pesto.

I had planned to go out to eat on Friday night but was feeling like cooking so I tried Pina Colada Chicken (we did the pork substitution) from Well Fed 2. Despite screwing the recipe up (quadrupling the seasoning), we both loved it. Good thing as I doubled it. We had it for lunch as well both Saturday and Sunday. So good. The recipe I linked to isn’t exactly the same as what’s in the cookbook, but very close. We had it with coconut cauli rice.


That is not a beer. It’s my new favorite kombucha, a brand called Brew Dr. Kombucha. It is so good and totally feels like you’re drinking a cider without the crap that comes with booze. I’ll definitely be stocking these in the fridge for the summer BBQ months.IMG_7916_edited-1

We’ve not been eating breakfast on the weekends lately which is making for grumpy afternoons, so I decided to have some fun on Sunday morning and try plantain pancakes. Yum, they definitely have the consistency of ‘real’ pancakes. It’s a big plantain week for the Martins  – we’re having plantain nachos (another Well Fed 2 recipe!) on Friday night.

Since it’s a bit of an aggressive menu for the week, I made sure to prep a ton this weekend.

IMG_7910_edited-1I washed and chopped all the veggies as soon as I got home from the farmer’s markets. Took 15 minutes and greatly increases the chances of me cooking and eating them midweek.

IMG_7978_edited-1I made the meatballs and prepped everything for the Gyoza soup.

IMG_7975_edited-1IMG_7976_edited-1 A pork roast cooked away Sunday morning and I put together this parsnips and carrot puree. I’ll top my salads with pork all week; the puree is so we have a veggie ready to go.


Three days worth of lunchtime salads ready to go. Excited about trying a new Tessemae’s dressing, too.


It has been a long time since our fridge was this ready for the upcoming week.


And as a bonus, some “candy”. For our current module in class we were required to try a new recipe. I tried these gelatin gummy candies from Balanced Bites. The flavor wasn’t my favorite, but I’m interesting in trying others. I’m adding the benefits of gelatin to a long list of menu monday topics I need to delve into.

Have a great week!


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