menu monday: 21DSD recap

Hello friends! Another week down. The only downside to my menu monday posts are the very tangible reminder of just how fast time is flying. This week’s menu is beyond simple. I had the pleasure of spending the day Saturday with several of my classmates at NTA’s annual conference (so much fun to geek out all day with fellow nutrition nerds). Today I’m enjoying the day with my boys, which means there was little time to cook this weekend.

Screen Shot 2014-03-23 at 10.21.47 AM

I discovered last week that I can walk to Whole Foods, grab food, and walk back in less than 45 minutes. Yes it’s more expensive and I have less control over what I’m eating, but it will be a nice change this week. I’ll get in some extra walking and sunshine (I hope) and I don’t have to stress about lunches for the week today.

No progress has been made on the damn paleo meals taking up all my kitchen freezer space. Our leftovers seems to be lasting longer and work dinners and lunches continue to pop up. I’m determined to make a dent this week. In more exciting news, I made a new WF2 recipe for breakfast this week. Finally. It’s been a while. I’ve only had a taste of both the recipes below but the tastes were delicious. Looking forward to breakfast this week.


It totally looks like this when I eat it at my desk at work. Totally.

Ginger Carrot Soup (from PaleOMG, I doubled to get six breakfast-sized servings)
Chorizo Meatballs (from WF2 – I made burgers instead of meatballs this time to change things up and also doubled to make six servings)

21DSD Recap

  • I lost six pounds. My math was wrong last week and I was actually down five, then lost another this week.
  • I feel great and definitely have a better sense of all the little treats that were making their way into my diet without me really thinking about them.
  • I don’t actually feel like eating or drinking anything off plan right now. I’m sure a situation will present itself in the next little while and I’ll enjoy something, but for now there are no plans. In fact, since we’re going in to the work week I see no reason to not carry on until at least next weekend.
  • I miss fruit and definitely want to add it back in to my diet. But, I definitely don’t need to eat multiple apples every day just because they are sitting out at work.
  • My eyelid eczema hasn’t improved at all and it’s gotten worse on my right eye. I stopped wearing mascara (which is the only make-up I wear religiously so I feel very naked) which has helped some with the itching. I have an appointment with my naturopath on Thursday to confirm that it is actually eczema and I’ll go from there.
  • I wasn’t perfect. I had to eat a few restaurant meals where there were no options and I dealt with them the best I could, made good decisions, and moved on. I’m hoping this is a sign that my attempts at off-roading in the future will be more successful.
  • Aside from fruit I miss my BFF the sweet potato, but I realize I was eating them twice a day often and am not expending the energy necessary for that much starch. I’m looking forward to incorporating them back into my menus in a smarter way.

These are pictures I took in late January, so not exactly right before the 21DSD but I did nothing in February that would have changed my body much so I think they are an accurate reflection. The change isn’t dramatic, but I can see a difference. Also, side note: wearing horizontal stripes for before and after photos might not be the best outfit choice.


Why yes, that’s an almost flat tummy!


It might be wishful thinking, but I feel like my sides are looking trimmer.

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