winter getaway

phoenix photoboothWe headed out for the second annual Phoenix winter getaway in this weekend. On Friday the weather was great and we sat at the pool and relaxed all day. We stayed at The Clarendon, which I loved and Greg was mostly happy about. I loved the color and playful feel of it all.

hotel clarendon

The sky in Phoenix is just amazing, it seems to go on forever. phoenixsky

And the plants! I love desert plants.

phoenix plantsOn Saturday Phoenix got a very rare does of rain that lasted pretty much all day. We made the best of it by trying restaurants, seeing the LEGO movie, and wandering around various parts of town. I think it’s fair to say Phoenix is not the most interesting city ever. I did learn that Whole Foods (or at least the one we were in) makes coconut milk lattes!

outinphoenixIt wouldn’t be a trip without some TimerCam fun. We found a cute pub in the historic area of Phoenix (approximately 6 buildings) and enjoyed a beer/cider while we looked at dinner options. I love TimerCam and my always willing to get a fun photo husband.

timercamphoenixThe jury’s still out on whether or not there will be a third annual Phoenix trip in 2015, but we are home, relaxed, and enjoyed a little getaway together.

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