menu monday: what I actually ate

Another easy week because we are headed for sun next weekend. I can’t wait to spend a few days in 80+ degree weather with the hubs. But first we have a week of work to get through and this is how I plan on fueling. I’m experimenting with offal a lot lately – definitely a menu monday dedicated to it in the near future!

Screen Shot 2014-02-23 at 5.28.46 PM

The paleo meals are pre made meals I purchased thinking they would keep us from eating take out. The meals are tasty IF they are defrosted in the fridge then heated in a pan. They are kinda gross and soggy if they go from frozen to ready via the microwave. Which unfortunately defeats the purpose of getting them so we have them on hand to eat in a pinch. Since they are tasty though I’m eating them when it’s just me for dinner in an attempt to win back some freezer space.


Cauliflower Soup: Excited to try another soup from Mel for breakfast and increase my Well Fed 2 count by one more this week.ย I bought mason jars for transporting my morning soup, hopefully it’s a little easier than the containers I’ve been using.


Spaghetti Squash Bolognese: I doubled this recipe from Balanced Bites and swapped out the ground veal/beef for ground beef heart. Already looking forward to my weekday lunches. Alfred was hanging out in the kitchen all morning while this was cooking.


Meatloaf: Greg and I both love meatloaf so I was excited to come across this; I subbed lamb kidney for the liver because it’s what I had on hand. What, doesn’t everyone have lamb kidney on hand? It was delicious, I don’t think Greg actually looked up at me while he ate it.

What I Actually Ate

From Monday – Friday last week I documented my meals via my iPhone. I wanted to show that meal planning doesn’t have to be rigid. I doubt there is a single week that I eat food exactly how I’ve planned it out but (after some experience) I don’t waste much food either.weekoffood

  • Monday went according to plan.
  • Tuesday I forgot my lunch. The cafeteria had fish over rice with mixed veggies and spicy thai chili sauce – so good.
  • On Wednesday the chicken wasn’t defrosted yet so I swapped to salmon that I can defrost in under 20 minutes. Also realized at lunch that mixing my citrus cauli rice with my chicken is so good.
  • Greg had a last minute client dinner on Thursday so instead of roasting a chicken I ate a paleo meal from the freezer.
  • Forgot to defrost breakfast soup on Friday so went with an extra egg, most of a mango, and a little sauerkraut. We had dinner with friends but I didn’t take a picture of my meal (we went to a fancy pizza place so they put sausage on a salad w/ anchovy dressing for me and it was amazing). My cocktail was quite tasty as well.

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