the office

One of our six big house goals for the year is to rearrange our office to improve the layout. We spend the vast majority of our waking home hours in this room and we had a feeling we could make better use of the space. IMG_7826_edited-1

Originally we each had our own desk but we really didn’t require two. Neither of us works from home regularly and mine was becoming a craft war zone. We decided one desk would be fine and (next project) we’ll move my crafting goods into the closet to make a cozy craft “room”.IMG_7828_edited-1

The previous owners left bamboo shades on the windows (they used this room as their master); I liked the color and texture they added, but then I took one off and we realized they were blocking about 18″ of light from the top of each window. We took all six off and are pretty ecstatic with how much light is coming in now. We still need to remove the nails and fill/paint the holes. IMG_7830_edited-1We set the room up so we have our seating area to watch shows on Greg’s computer from the couch.

All the major pieces are done and we even sold my old desk for $30 less than what we spent on our IKEA trip. I’ll take a $30 room make over any day. What’s left now is the decor and finishing touches. I had a goal of finishing by mid February, but do to an exciting new adventure for me (more on that later), it will probably take a little longer. I’m just slowly making my way through my three-level to-do list. Seriously people, this is how (and the only way) my brain functions.



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