january books

I finished my two books for January early, mostly because I cheated and finished two books I had started last year.


For fun I read the third book in the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon, Voyager. I have no idea how I stumbled on the first boo of the series back in 2012. They are not like anything I ever read, but I love them. Each book is close to 1000 pages so it’s taken me two years to read through three. To sum up the series I would call them romance meets time travel meets adventure with tons of history lessons thrown in the mix. If you enjoy series and stories you can really get into for a long time (I think there are about eight books so far), I would highly recommend. The time travel is not science fiction-y at all.


Even though I unintentionally learn a ton about history with the Outlander books, I would not count them as my “learn” books. This month I finished Beautiful Babies. I started it in the fall but needed to put it down for a while. I wouldn’t say the author is super well written, but I found the information fascinating. I’m a little obsessed with traditional cultures’ food right now and combined with the fertility/pregnancy specifics I just found the book really fascinating. I’m more interested now in understanding why or why not I’d want to eat a certain food, not just because a Paleo blog told me I should. I read Kristen’s blog, Food Renegade, as well. Highly recommend if you have any interest in “challenging politically correct nutrition”.

Up next is Daring Greatly by Brene Brown. I haven’t settled on a fun book for February yet. At some point in the last year I’ve really lost my interest in fiction but I’m sure I’ll come across something interesting.

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