blanket redemption


After the blanket beach towel of 2013, I really needed to prove (to myself?) that I could properly knit a blanket. My good friend Alyssa is having a baby in early March and her baby shower is this coming weekend. In need of a good dose of girl time with a few of my favorite ladies, I decided a few weeks ago to fly down. Before the holidays I had started a baby blanket for her as a gift and I’m so excited I’ll get to give this to her in person at her shower.

I wanted something sweet for a baby girl, but not something overwhelmingly pink and purple. I was totally inspired by this color palette from It’s beautiful, but a little out of my price range. Once I’m a better knitter I might splurge on one of their amazing kits, but for this project I went to Jo-Anne’s with this picture in mind and found similar colors in the Vanna White yarn line (I know, really?). But look at that bright pink, it’s so amazing. Someday!


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It’s a bit more square than I intended, but square > beach towel, so we’ll call this an improvement. IMG_7812_edited-1

I also learned a ton from my last blanket. All my “seems” (no idea what they are actually called) are on the back side this time. I figured out how to count ridges so each color band is the same width. There are definitely some mistakes and one small hole in the middle pink color, but I’m really proud of it. IMG_7813_edited-1IMG_7810_edited-1

I’m loving knitting because it’s one of the few hobbies that doesn’t take extra time. I knit when we watch TV, fly, or take a long car drive. It’s easy for me to do because I don’t care to knit anything with an actual pattern, so that might be a different story. It’s also a really easy hobby to pick up only when you have time.

Total cost was $31.96, including new needles in the correct size for the yarn.

Total time is a bit of a guesstimate. I didn’t time the whole thing, but on occasion I timed doing one ridge (two rows, one each back and forth). I found that a ridge takes about 15 minutes. Each color had 23 ridges and there are 7 colors. I hesitate the write this because I don’t want to discourage anyone from trying it out, but that puts the total time to about 2,415 minutes, or just over 40 hours. That sounds like a lot of effort but keep in mind it can take you as long as you need and hours sitting in the car, on a plane, or binge watching TV shows really add up.

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