five on friday

quote card_edited-11. I sat down this week and did half the January work for my One Little Word class. My first observation with “cheer” is that happiness is something you cultivate. It doesn’t just happen. And some days all you feel like you have is pretending that you have it. But more often than not, that’s enough to find it.

2. I’m so done with illness. I got the flu in December, Greg got it this month, then I followed that with a terrible head cold. Everyone at work is constantly sick. I’m over it.

3. I read these two really interesting articles (1, 2) on goals versus systems this week. I’m still mulling them over. As a goal loving person it’s hard to read that perhaps they are not the most efficient way to effect change, but I do see the point of systems. I also noticed that several of the “goals” on my Winter Bucket List tend to fit more in the system category.

4. I currently have an entry on my to do list to “digitize meat inventory”. The only thing more sad than that is that I haven’t started yet because I can’t decided exactly how I want to lay out the spreadsheet.

5. I’m super excited for a family adventure this weekend! It’s dog friendly and a new place in Washington. It’s not supposed to rain and it’s going to hit 50 degrees. I don’t need much more than this.

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