new chip obsession

On Saturday I was busy prepping food for lunch to eat while watching the Seahawks playoff game. (By “watching” I mean we lasted five minutes before we both started doing other things while the game was on in the background. MLS has killed my football attention span.) I decided I wanted something snacky for the game.  But I wanted it to be healthy and not require a trip to the store since I was mid cooking already. I settled on beet chips, which I was totally not convinced would work but thought I’d try.

We got a mandolin for our wedding and I’ve always found it kind of terrifying. But it worked really well for this. I followed the recipe pretty much as stated, but I added sea salt to the second batch because I thought the first batch needed a little something. I also tossed the second batch with too much olive oil and they didn’t crisp up as well as the first.


This is less than half of what resulted from one pound of beets. I ate the rest straight off the cookie sheet. My first batch was very crispy and actually crunched just like a chip. The second batch was not quite as crisp but the shake of sea salt was perfect. I’ll definitely be trying them again to combine the good from both batches. These would be perfect for any dip – they don’t have a strong beet flavor and they are sturdy enough to hold up. I want to try them with guacamole next. Highly recommend for your next snacking need. IMG_7766-1_edited-1

In other cooking news, I made three new Well Fed 2 recipes this weekend. Moving right along through the book. I made Moorish Meatballs (we ate them with a dip of homemade mayo + dijon mustard), coleslaw, and BBQ Beef (which I totally forgot to take a picture). The meatballs were delicious and the first use of our lamb; coleslaw was great; BBQ beef was pretty good. So far we haven’t had a bad recipe yet. (These three recipes appear to be in the book only.)food

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