birthday recap

I turned 33 on Sunday. Greg and I decided that mid-thirites is really 34, 35, and 36 so I have one last year in my early thirties. I have no words of wisdom for this new year and I’ve never set goals for my birthday. Not that I don’t love goals, but I think because my birthday is twelve days into a new year I’ve always had a fresh set of goals to work on anyway.

All I really wanted for my birthday was a weekend with nothing we had to do and the ability to get back into our routine. We haven’t had a weekend without an ER trip, illness, or travel since the weekend before Thanksgiving. I totally got what I wanted. On Saturday we spent the day both relaxing and getting through piles and piles of laundry and cleaning the house.

Then it was on to my birthday. We started the day with a lazy morning of local news and coffee followed by a long walk around our neighborhood. We love, love the new park that is right across the street from us, especially Alfred.


In the afternoon I picked up my final meat order – half a pig. Our freezers are both packed and my grocery store trips are so easy. I’m slowly getting back into my cooking routine. Last week we only ate dinner out once and it was for my birthday.


We finished season 2 of The Newsroom in the afternoon. I was so sad to read today that season 3 will be the final one, but at least we get one more.

Then we were off to our traditional steak dinner. We’re not huge on buying each other presents (though Greg add to my Jo-Annes gift card collection) but we take each other out to a different steak restaurant for our birthdays.


I’m obsessed with TimerCam photos but need to work on more flattering angles.

The restaurant was very slow so we got our picture taken while we waited for dinner. I’m looking forward to the year ahead with this guy and all the big and small adventures that are waiting for us. IMG_4113_edited-1



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