project life 2014

I’m really excited to be taking on PL in 2014 again. Greg and I looked through the 2013 album on NYE and there were so many little events that I had forgotten about. Totally worth the effort of keeping up with the project throughout the year.

I repeated the same process 52 times in 2013, give or take, and definitely have some improvements for this year. First off, I went WAY overboard last year. I have no desire to add up how much I spent (which is not very like me) because I’m terrified of the number. I signed up for two monthly kits as well as the Project Life basics I bought to start. I ended up with more supplies than I could manage and by the end of the year I was out of physical space and working on any given week was overwhelming.

Aside from collecting too much, the other take away I had from 2013 is that it’s okay not to tell every story. When I first started I felt like I had to get every piece of our family’s data into the album, or it didn’t happen. Dinner with a friend? Must fit in a picture. Greg traveling? Add it to a journaling card. Dog did something funny? This calls for a picture and some journaling. This added to the feeling of being overwhelmed when I went to start a new week.IMG_7730_edited-1

For 2014, my goal is to simplify. I reorganized my craft cart so that everything I use weekly is on top and the supplies I use occasionally are on the middle shelf. The bottom shelf is still a mess of non-project life gear.

I pulled the gray, black, white, and tan/kraft cards from the Midnight and Sunshine editions. I also added what left I had of the Seafoam edition in those few colors. I’m going for a very simple, stream-lined look this year. It might sound boring, and maybe a few months down the road I’ll adjust to bring in more color. Right now though I’m really looking forward to not having a ton of choose from every week. I’ve been very inspired by Trisha Harrison and Jess Forster.

I made my title page for 2014. I included a picture of Greg and I, a picture of our family (feet only) and a picture of a maple leaf from the park across the street. Last year I included the welcome to Maple Leaf sign and thought it would be fun to continue to include a little something from where we live (or at least start the year living). I used wood veneers from one of my many kits mentioned above for the 2014 and the *M. I also included a quote that sums up my feelings for how we are going into 2014.

Last but not least, I finally used my sewing machine for PL. I’m entirely too excited about this. This is totally inspired by Elise Cripe, who is very creative when it comes to sewing machines and PL. This black and white text card looked a little boring but I really wanted to use it on my title page. I found woodgrain sequence from yet another box, so added them and stitched across the top of the pocket to keep them in place.IMG_7720_edited-1

I have no idea if anyone who reads my blog also does Project Life. If you do, let me know. I have a large pile of supplies I cleaned out that I want to put to good use rather than in the trash. I was thinking of doing a giveaway, but I don’t know if there would be anyone to give to.

2 thoughts on “project life 2014

  1. Debbie

    You can save some stuff for me. I have not been able to find a company that will reprint my blog as is…the pictures are always smaller. And I like to keep special things too. So I may start Project Life for 2014.


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