Going on weeks here with very little cooking, but I managed to get in another Well Fed 2 recipe before Christmas.

Our glassybaby exchange was also a pot luck dinner. Amy, the hostess, made a turkey breast and we all brought sides. Everything was delicious. Anytime I go to an event like this it makes me want to have more get togethers in our house and friends’ homes. I must be old to think that they are so much more enjoyable than meeting up in a restaurant or bar.

I brought the Belly Dance Beat Salad. I roasted two pounds of beets then realized the recipe feeds four and I needed to feed about ten. I didn’t have time to roast more beets so I followed the “easy” directions and grabbed cans of precooked beets to double recipe. In the end, it made the salad more festive with the bright pink canned beets and dark purple roasted beets.

The salad was really tasty and perfect for a party. I forgot to get pistachios so they weren’t included, but I definitely plan to make this again with them.

Next up, I’m planning to conquer several recipes for our annual New Year’s Eve Eve party (yes, you read that right).

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