the house plan


This picture just made me start the summer countdown. Since we’re one day past the solstice, this seems totally reasonable. 

This last year has definitely been a settling in year. There are still many (many) walls that have nothing hanging on them and space that can be used in ways to better fit our living style. When I think back though we did do a lot.

  • We cleaned up the front yard and put down bark in the dirt. Then we turned over maintenance to our fantastic gardener, Ros.
  • We painted the living room a much brighter color, then hired painters to handle the dining room and both bedrooms downstairs.
  • We hung the maps we’ve been collecting on a gallery wall in the office.
  • We unpacked all our boxes. After talking to some people, getting this done in the first year seems like it should be an accomplishment.
  • We bought grown-up furniture for our bedroom.

The other night I made nicely asked Greg to think about what we want to do with the house this next year. Here’s what we came up with:

  • Put grass in on one side of the backyard and string lights from the house to the fence. We love entertaining in our front yard, but when it’s just Greg and I it sometimes feels weird. We’re hoping to make the backyard a nice spot to have a glass of wine or cup of coffee outside during the summer.
  • Reorganize the office. After a year of living here, it’s clear we spend 73% of our time at home in the office. We have a plan to use the space better and make it even better, if that’s possible.
  • Create a craft room in the office closet. So yeah, I’ve taken on some new hobbies this year and my stuff is all over my desk. I need a craft space but don’t want to use our guest bedroom because that will hopefully become a nursery. I’d rather find a more permanent solution and after browsing Pinterest I’ve decided our walk-in office closet is the perfect spot.
  • Get a home energy audit. After last winter’s painful gas bills we have tried to make some changes this year. I recently heard that for $100 you can have an audit done with a write-up of what you can do to make your home more energy efficient. Considering $100 isn’t even half of our normal gas bill for 7 months of the year, it seems like a great idea.
  • Change the smoke detectors to automated ones. Okay, this clearly is Greg’s pick and I can’t even come up with a reason why we need this, but since I get a craft “room” he gets new smoke detectors.
  • Replace downstairs carpet. Our stairs and bedrooms are carpeted and the carpet is pretty old and dirty. I don’t know what exactly we’ll replace it with (I want to do all hard wood, Greg wants nicer carpet), but hopefully we’ll find something we both like and get that done.

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