merry christmas from the farm

This weekend we headed out to Wenatchee for the first of the family Christmas celebrations. We had a nice but quick stay with Ken and Cathy and a delicious prime rib dinner.

I didn’t take any pictures myself, but my FIL decided he wanted a family picture and he wanted it to be on the farm. So off we went to the orchard, trying to beat what little daylight was left.

First it was Greg and me. I (brilliantly) didn’t bring a coat with me so I was freezing. Alfred had no interest in joining the family picture. photo-2_edited-1

Then it was all the kids and Mike jumped into the tractor seat. IMG_0981_edited-1

Then it was the whole family. This might be my favorite picture from 2013.IMG_0988_edited-1The making-of-the-family-photo photo is pretty awesome as well.

IMG_3815_edited-1We are already thinking of ideas for next year’s photo.

After we captured the photo we sat around the fireplace and reminisced about Greg and Mike’s late grandpa. I never got to meet him, which makes me sad, but I did get to take home a Grandpa Jerry treasure this weekend. Meet my new brass reindeer. He’s going to be a fantastic holiday decoration when I clean him up. IMG_7387_edited-1

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