finding my christmas cheer

One of my goals for the season is to be merry. I haven’t exactly been a ray of Christmas sunshine this holiday season. I’ve pretty much pulled the plug on 2013 and am ready for 2014.

Then last night I went to our annual holiday dinner and glassybaby exchange. We played a game of one good, one bad, and one holiday tradition. I went close to last out of eleven people so I had a while to think about what I wanted to say.

My good has been stirring in my head for a while but I think 2013 is the year I not only accepted that Seattle is home for a while, but also realized I’m happy that it is. When we threw ideas around over the summer about moving to another state, I suddenly felt a little panicked. What about friends? What about our house? What about our Sounders’ season tickets? This is home now and I’m really happy about it.

I shared a bad as well and was shocked to hear I was not the only one who shared the same thing. Not even close to the only one. When I left SF I had a group of girlfriends and girls nights once a month, not to mention countless dinner, drink, walk, and run dates with my ladies. Last night felt like the first time I was willing to share something deeper than surface level with a new group of people and it was nice. Really nice.

All that to say that this morning I woke up with a little holiday cheer. It’s amazing how one night with a group of good people can really change your outlook. All of these pictures were taken before I went to that party. Now I’m just seeing them in a new, Christmas cheer-filled light.

christmas spirit


2 thoughts on “finding my christmas cheer

  1. bdarkoski

    So I just realized you had this blog. Amazing! I love it. Hoping to do a similar type blog after the wedding countdown. If I ever get more free time. Looks like I have some great blogging to catch up on though. That’s fun!


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