a well fed 2 update


Still working through Well Fed 2. It’s going slower than I thought because 1) we are eating a lot of take out, that’s just how it is right now and 2) I’m trying to use all the meat we had before our 1/4 cow and lamb delivery so I have slim pickings on cuts to make specific recipes.


Thai Basil Beef was delicious and simple. So delicious I forgot to take a picture when we had it of dinner, so this is my leftovers at lunch one day. IMG_7231_edited-1Mustard Garlic Brussels Sprouts were yummy. I love just simple roasted sprouts so I’m not sure how often I’d go through the (minimal) effort of making a recipe, but for guests it would definitely be a step up from how we normally eat them.

I also made Coconut Cauliflower Rice, but we ate it with leftovers on top and I didn’t think to get a picture. Next round I’ll try to make a few that have recipes online. But really, you should just consider getting a copy of the book so you can make ALL the delicious recipes.


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