a dog’s day

Since I’ve been confined to the house this weekend to not spread my germs, I’ve been finding ways to occupy my time that won’t interfere with me getting well. I decided to capture some pictures of Alfred going about his day. He leads a VERY rough life, and Sunday, 12/8 was particularly difficult for him. IMG_7284-1_edited-1

He is the little old lady of the neighborhood, standing guard at the fence and alerting us of anyone walking by. IMG_3763_edited-1

He loves to play tug with his rope toy. He doesn’t like to hold on to the ball end and he’s recently discovered he can use his paw to help win. However, he actually doesn’t like to win because that means the game is over.IMG_3772_edited-2

He is super obedient if treats are in the picture.IMG_7297_edited-1

The park across the street is a lifesaver.


He prefers that we don’t watch TV and brings toys out to play with instead. IMG_3724_edited-1

He does not like the kitchen (I think because it’s long and narrow with only one opening?). He will only go in when he needs to eat. Otherwise, he sits in the doorway and watches the action.

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