a christmas wreath


I wanted to make a wreath this year as part of my homemade holiday decor. We have four windows in our living room and I think it would be fun to have a wreath hanging from each window. Because I’m trying to live in reality, I knew I wasn’t going to make four wreaths this year and decided to make one each year. I found a great tutorial on the enJOY it blog. Just swapped out the fall colors for green, red, white, and gray.IMG_7300_edited-1

It’s definitely too small to replace our usual painting above the couch. It might just stay there this year though. With only one wreath, there wasn’t a good window to put it in without the room looking unbalanced and I don’t want to drill a whole elsewhere that will be noticeable after the holidays. Plaster walls are not the best for putting up seasonal decor. IMG_7302_edited-1

Here’s a view from below. You can see a bit of styrofoam in the top right. I ran out of pins, so I wasn’t able to cover that small section. Next time I’m at Jo-Anne’s I’ll pick up more to finish it, but you can’t actually see it unless you’re viewing the wreath at this angle.

IMG_7304_edited-1Here’s a view from the side. I didn’t go around the entire wreath form, but enough on the outside and the inside to make it full. I love it! As with most things in my life, I am so not the idea person but I can seriously execute. Luckily I have awesome blogs like Elise’s for the ideas.

It took about 2 – 3 hours over two nights, all done while watching TV and not paying super close attention to what I was doing. Total cost was $19.74. I bought 1/4 yard of felt in each of four colors (bought the nicer felt on the bolt as the tutorial suggested and I have extra of all colors), a box of 400 pins (I probably need about 20 more to fill in the one open section), and a 14″ styrofoam wreath. I bought a pair of nicer scissors for my sewing class; having them was really helpful as I was able to cut through two layers of felt at a time.


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