recapping the fall 2013 bucket list

IMG_3149_edited-2Instead of being at our company’s holiday party, I’m home on the couch fighting a terrible cold. This will probably go down as one of the weeks of my life I’d least like to relive. But I’m reminding myself that the less than awesome times are what make the good times so awesome. I’m out of TV, don’t have the energy to work on my Project Life album, and reading seems really hard. Recapping fall seems like a reasonable task, so here we go.

1. Try five new soup recipes. // I made three new soups and they were all winners. You can find them here: sweet potato chili, curried cream of broccoli, sweet potato with bacon. Apparently it was a fall of sweet potatoes. 

2. Celebrate our anniversary. // We had a great first anniversary weekend in Bellingham. It was very much our speed – relaxing and full of our favorite foods. Over the course of the weekend we managed to eat all our favorites: sushi, steak, oysters, Mexican, and Indian. Since then, we’ve been making an effort to keep Sunday mornings free; free of plans and free of technology. We’ve gone out to brunch, taken the dog on long walks, worked on projects around the house, to name a few. It doesn’t happen every week but it’s great when we make it happen.first_anniversaryI love the TimerCam app for getting pictures of us together.

3. Enjoy trick-or-treaters. // We had a very low key Halloween trying to cram in work in order to leave our computers behind the next day as we traveled to Maui. We had several trick-or-treaters come by the house over the course of about two hours. I’m not sure we made progress with Alfred’s barking at the doorbell but we at least tried. halloween2013

4. Decorate for fall. // I was off to a good start with decorating, then we decided to do a “No Spend October”. I don’t own fall decorations so to keep with no spending I couldn’t add anything to my collection. The front porch and dining room table were a little festive, but that’s about it. We’ve got a lifetime of autumn’s ahead of us to collect a few perfect pieces.

fall decor

5. Make sauerkraut. // Nope. Just didn’t happen. Someday.

6. Learn to sew. // YES, YES, YES! I’m not good by any means, but I learned how to do it. I completed four projects in my beginner’s class then traded in my old iPhone for a sewing machine at Target. Since then, I’ve complete 3 projects on my quest to do 35 by the time I turn 35: cloth napkins, party banner, winter table runner.

7. Make the Pioneer Woman’s cinnamon rolls. // Nope. Thought about it on Thanksgiving morning, but cutting the recipe in half still yields 3.5 pans of rolls and that just seems ridiculous.

8. Do yoga once a week. // I did yoga a few times on my own at a home and a few times at a studio with a friend. I didn’t get anywhere close to weekly but it was great the times I made it happen.

9. Clean out my closet. // My closet floor is still a bit of a mess and my nightstand drawers are full of unorganized jewelry, but I did make some progress. After we got our new dresser I finally got around to organizing my clothes and three or four months later it’s not a mess. That might be a record for me.

10. Bake a pumpkin pie. // Obviously, food goals were not my thing this season. My plan had been to make a pumpkin pie for Halloween. I wanted to have a few friends over for a game night. That didn’t happen when it became clear we’d both be working late to finish up before going on vacation, and I never got back around to making a pie.

2 thoughts on “recapping the fall 2013 bucket list

  1. LSmith

    I forgot to tell you I attempted the Pioneer Woman Cinnamon Rolls for Christmas morning. They came out terrible – something went wrong with my dough. I had cut the recipe in half but something was off. Smelled amazing though!


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