a winter table runner


Over the long weekend I finished my winter table runner.

I went with “wintery” colors over more traditional Christmas colors because I couldn’t get a good mix of red and green fabrics that didn’t scream COUNTRY CHRISTMAS across Jo-Ann Fabrics. Gray, burgundy, and gold felt right so I decided to call it a winter runner instead of a holiday one.


I worked on this for about two weeks on and off and didn’t keep track of the time exactly but my guess is I put in between 4 and 5 hours. IMG_3632_edited-1

I cut the strips and organized the fabric order at 4am one morning when I couldn’t sleep. One benefit of a traveling husband is no one knows you are a weird lady who irons fabric at 3:45am in the kitchen. Except now the internet knows. IMG_7250_edited-2

I’m not posting any of the specific steps because the tutorial I used is from an eCourse I bought and that doesn’t seem like something I should do. It was very easy to follow, though definitely the hardest project I’ve done to date. IMG_7256_edited-1

It is FAR from perfect and I found binding (the burgundy fabric around the outside) very hard. There are no close-up pictures for a good reason! But I love it. The first of my homemade holiday decorations. Now I am on the hunt for candle holders or something else to add to the table. Upcycled, of course.

Project: 3/35
Time: 4 – 5 hours
Tutorial: available in the Get Quilty eCourse
Cost: $32.09 ($25.69 – fabric, quilted backing, thread; $6.40 – 1/5 the cost of the eCourse)

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