holiday bucket list


My mini bucket list for the holidays (through New Year’s Day). Short and sweet, perfect for the month of December.

1) Decorate the house. This year my goals are pretty simple: add only new decorations this year that I LOVE and that are homemade/upcylced (good thing Greg does not read this blog because he’d probably divorce me for using that word seriously); spend no more than $100 on decor; spend no money on wrapping (i.e. use up a bunch of stuff I have around the house already); donate all decorations I don’t LOVE at the end of the season; hang Christmas lights outside.

2) Participate in a Jingle Run. I’m not sure if I’m going to run or walk yet, but either way it will be fun.  And hopefully it will involve some sort of costume.

3) Take a fun holiday family photo. This is always a goal and maybe I’ll have something to replace the shadow picture from this summer as my favorite photo of 2013.

4) Make Paleo egg nog. I’m not about the Paleo treats, in almost all instances I’d rather just eat the real thing on special occasions. But I don’t do dairy and I love egg nog, so Paleo egg nog it is.

5) Spread cheer. Focus on the positive. Be merry.

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