five on friday

1. I have not spent much time in the kitchen these last few weeks and first on my agenda today is meal plan + shop + prep + cook. Well Fed 2 will be getting some serious attention. I’m having so much fun cooking through it I’m already trying to decide which cookbook to tackle next. The practical side of me wants to do another one that I already own, the non-practical side wants to do Nom Nom Paleo’s soon to be released cookbook.

2. I’m so happy about downtime this weekend. We have a reasonable to-do list around the house but it’s mostly holiday related and fun. I’m sure there will be several New Girl marathons mixed in whenever we need a break. Just started Season 2 and we are obsessed.

3. I’m way behind on my 36 books in 2013 goal and totally okay with it. I took on a few new hobbies this year that have taken up time spent reading in the past. I am hoping to make it to 30 (5 more to go).

4. Because I’m on a super minimalist kick, I want to try to spend no money on Christmas wrapping this year. But of course it still needs to look cute. Pinterest makes it seem entirely possible. I will report back.

5. I’m joining with Elise and doing #mileaday. One mile every day between Thanksgiving and New Year. I will probably run some and walk some, but for me in Seattle the goal is less about the exercise and more about getting outside every day. Something I don’t do nearly enough of in the winter.

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