we’re set on meat for a while

Our conversation over lunch (Mexican, of course):

B: I’m so excited, I’ve been dreaming about this for years.

G: What?

B: Getting my own cow!

G: Wait, it’s just a part of a cow, right? Not a whole cow?

So maybe Greg isn’t quite as excited about the 1/4 cow (and one lamb) as I am, but he still was a help in loading it all into the car and unloading at home. It was seven brown grocery bags full – 5 beef and 2 lamb. IMG_3690_edited-1

IMG_3689_edited-1It all fit in the chest freezer just fine. The items in the bins are left over from the CSA throughout the year and chicken + turkey purchases from other farms. I’m going to make sure we go through those first.

If you’re curious what a 1/4 cow + 1 lamb gets you, here’s the break down (and my way of keeping track of what we have on hand).













I haven’t done the math to figure out a price per pound, but the total was just about $1100 total. On average it works out to about $11 per pound for lamb and $5 per pound for beef. Considering I can’t buy grass-fed ground beef for $5 a pound and I know have a freezer full of ground beef AND steaks, it’s a killer deal. The lamb is more of a splurge, but still much more affordable than buying it retail and I love trying new Indian dishes with it.

Now, we cook. And eat.


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