five on friday

1. I’m working on my first sewing project that I didn’t manage to finish in one or two sittings. I’m making a holiday table runner and I’m loving it. I went with a burgundy, gray, and gold color scheme. I’m hoping it will turn out more ‘wintery’ than ‘Christmasy’ so I can keep it out longer than the holidays.IMG_3630_edited-1

2. Our meat order is ready for pick-up this weekend! We are getting 1/4 cow and a lamb. I’m excited for a winter (and whole year, really) of fun cooking experiments. I’ve been researching how to organize the chest freezer and I’m leading towards going with the canvas bag approach. I might also need that chalkboard paper.

3. Ink arrived for the printer and I’m hoping to spend a good chuck of my weekend catching up on Project Life from early October. It’s a little daunting, not to mention I’m starting to get wary towards the end of a 52 week project. I still love PL and plan to continue into 2014, I just have some new ideas I’m looking forward to trying so must power through the rest of this year.

4. I’m trying to get better at giving myself a manicure, so I’ve been practicing. My best tip so far: Start with painting your dominant hand first. I automatically pick up the polish with my dominant hand and start painting my non-dominant first. But I’ve found that it’s much easier to use your non-dominant hand if you aren’t worried about messing up the polish that you’ve painted on it.

5. Greg is possibly the world’s best dishwasher loader and for that I’ve very thankful.

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