flag banner

For my second sewing project I made a flag banner for Becky’s wedding shower. It was the first time I’ve gone to Jo-Anne’s to pick coordinating fabrics. Since Christmas is coming up and Becky’s shower already had a red + kraft theme going, I selected fabrics that would work for the shower and be a fun Christmas decoration for her after.


The tutorial I found was very easy to follow. I skipped washing the fabric since it’s likely a banner won’t need to be washed down the road. One mistake I made was to cut them rights sides together (thinking I would avoid any marks on the right side), but when I flipped to sew them together they didn’t match up perfectly.


My flags are far from perfect, but they look decent. I found sewing the flags to the bias tape the hardest part. Actually, the sewing was not hard, but getting the flags into the bias tape to pin them was way harder than it should have been.


Time: 90 minutes
Tutorial: Pennant Banner
Cost: $7.55 (fabric, thread, bias tape)

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