becky’s wedding shower

We celebrated Becky’s wedding shower this weekend in southern California. Such a fun weekend of family and friends. My mom and I had a mini girls weekend; we shared a hotel in Irvine and she helped me put the finishing touches on the party. While driving from the airport on Friday night we realized the last time just the two of us stayed in a hotel together was ten years ago. In 2003 we flew to New York together after I accepted an offer with GreenPoint Bank to apartment hunt and get the lay of the land. I wonder what 2023 will bring.

While the weekend was so nice, the pictures are not. Neither my mom nor I took very many. I guess it’s a good sign we were having too much fun to think about photos, but I was hoping for a few more than what I ended up with. First up, the little guy that always steals the show.


I asked Maks to smile so I could take a picture for Uncle Greg. He wanted a more serious photo I guess. After the shower we stopped by to see Maks some more (and have dinner with his mom, sure, but really to see him). He was pretty sleepy and climbed into Grandma’s lap to rest. I’m pretty sure it made her year.

The shower was at the Melting Pot where we had fondu dessert and a champagne toast. I have no pictures of the dessert because at our table we were too busy eating it. The picture below is the only picture I have of the bride to be. IMG_3664_edited-1IMG_3660_edited-1

Becky has such generous friends and family – she has almost a whole new kitchen after the party. I made the flag banner to decorate the gift table and to give to Becky after to use as a Christmas decoration. More on sewing project #2 coming soon.IMG_3662_edited-1IMG_3642_edited-2

We played one game and I also handed out cards with the numbers 1 – 25 on each one. Everyone at the party wrote Arek and Becky a note for that “monthaversary”. Starting with February 4th, I’ll pop one in the mail each month and they will get a fun note of advice, encouragement, or who knows what.IMG_3648_edited-1IMG_3665_edited-1

The favors were mini succulents. I ordered them off of Etsy and they were so cute! I replanted into mini terra-cotta pots and added a thank you flag.

Mom and sister bonding time, I got to catch up with Brittany and Lauren (and see Sloane for a few minutes as an extra bonus!), briefly chat with extended family, and lots of Maksym time. Weekend success.

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