five on friday

1. I ordered our holiday cards last weekend and they should arrive shortly. I’m happy they are ordered and can be ready to go out after Thanksgiving.  

2. It’s been over a month since I deactivated my Facebook account. I one hundred percent stand by the decision, but I do miss my few close girlfriends that I don’t text with constantly. Two are on Instagram and I am working on the others. The lack of online communication is making me reach out more via email/text to friends, which I like.

3. Becky’s wedding shower is this weekend! I can’t wait to stuff my face with dessert at the Melting Pot. And see family and friends and celebrate my (original) little sister.

4. Alfred seems less puppy-like every day. When we got to doggie day care Tuesday he was half asleep in the back of the car, not with his nose pressed up against the window, ready to jump out like usual. I think we’ve entered the teen years.

5. I started running again this week. Very slowly and with walking to break it up. My back still is sore from injuring it at the gym this summer, but I hope starting back slowly helps.IMG_3625_edited-1

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