the dining room

Months ago I saw someone pin this drink cart from Target and I knew it would be a really fun addition to the dining room. Right now the room is lacking in everything aside from a table and chairs. There are two pretty stained glass windows (original to the house) but that is the only thing going on in the room.IMG_7153_edited-1

I waited a month or so to make sure the cart was still on my must have list. It’s a new requirement forced upon myself because I’ve bought too many house furnishings on a whim that I regret down the road. I’m talking to you, coffee + end tables.

I was still enamored with it last month, loving the lighter colors it would bring into our house of very dark furniture, but by then we were in No Spend October. But now we’re in November and I brought the cart home this weekend. I’m limiting myself to one house purchase per month, so I’m done for November. And probably the rest of the year because December is expensive. IMG_7154_edited-1The cart needs to be styled some. We just threw all the booze we had on the top shelf (mostly gifts from our house warming last year, so it just dawned on me that to keep this cart looking stocked I might actually have to buy liquor on occasion), but I’m thinking a vase with flowers and a few other fun touches will make it a cute little drink station. I’m finding lots of inspiration here. And here – I need that print. Actually, I want everything on that list, exactly as is.

Already I love that the bottles being under the window add a ton of color to the room during the day. Now I just need to invite friends over and put Greg to work on a signature cocktail. Too bad it’s only Monday.

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