We arrived home late Friday night from our Maui adventure. Having a weekend to ourselves post vacation turned out to be a huge win. Thinking it will be the plan going forward. IMG_7135_edited-1

+ Several storms came through Seattle while we were gone. There are not many trees left with leaves.

+ I got my bridesmaid dress for Becky’s wedding. Nordstrom didn’t have my size, so the actual dress is being shipped to me. I found it approximately five minutes after walking in to the store. That was 100% not how I expected the process to go. IMG_7144_edited-1

+ The doodle did a lot of napping. He is always very tired when he comes home from Grandma’s.

+ We tried a breakfast place near us that I’ve been wanting to go to for awhile. Service was less than mediocre and food was less great then the service. Bummer. IMG_7147_edited-1

+ My boys watched a robot movie while I crafted. We ate take-out pho in our giant plastic IKEA bowls. Later, Greg and I watched Bottle Shock, which should have been an awesome movie. It wasn’t.

+ Our fridge is a mess and we are both avoiding it. IMG_7149_edited-1


+ Target was having a one day iPad trade-in deal – $200 for any iPad, no matter how old. I rarely use mine, so I took gladly handed it over and brought this new toy home.

+ I made six cloth napkins with leftover fabric from my sewing class. IMG_7150_edited-1+ The library would make my list of top ten things I am thankful for. Where else could I get books on the most random topics for free? Or close to free, let’s face it – I usually owe them $5 at any given time.

+ Sunday is dedicated to cooking for the week and finishing the details of Becky’s shower. My little sister is getting married in less than two months!


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