panorama love

I love panorama photos. There is something magical to me about seeing the full scene and not just a subject. The problem is I always seem to forget about them until there is a scene I want to capture that does’t fit in a standard photo. After watching Greg take one on the beach, I decided to make it my mission for the rest of our trip to get as many panoramas as possible. As an unintended bonus, they will look awesome as full page spreads in the Blurb book I eventually make of our trip.


IMG_3597_edited-1 IMG_3594_edited-1

picking up goat cheese from Surfing goat dairy // sunset across the street from our condo // hers & his beer tasting at the Maui Brew Company // less exciting sunset while waiting for a sushi restaurant to open // view from “our seats” at the pool every day

I found that not completing the full panorama (i.e. going until the arrow hits the end of the line) allows you to still fit more in your photo but not have the distortion. I played around with various lengths (?) which is why all the photos are different sizes.

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