paddle boarding

This morning we went paddle boarding on the water in Kihei. Since I don’t have pictures, I want to remember the adventure.

+ I didn’t fall one single time. Who ever would have thought that would happen? It’s much easier than I thought it would be.

+ We saw ten or so giant sea turtles. A few even got close enough to our boards for us to hear them breathing.

+ Greg is enamored with sea turtles. A few quotes I heard across the water “Turtles! Tortugas! Come to me!” and “I am the turtle king.”

+ I have a very healthy respect for the ocean. (Some might call it a fear.) I went out further in the water today than I’ve ever gone. I was fine if I didn’t look down at the ocean floor or back at the shore. Good thing the first rule of paddle boarding is to always look straight ahead.

+ I’m kind of glad we don’t have pictures because in my head I looked awesome on my board. I explained to Greg I looked regal, like Xena Warrior Princess out there. (Don’t worry, he doesn’t get it either.) I’m sure if I saw a picture I’d see a wobbly, short white girl with a bit of a vacation ‘spare tire’.

+ We found a delicious breakfast joint after for coffee and our favorites: loco moco for me and a hacienda breakfast burrito for the hubs.


Last full day of vacation is off to a lovely start.

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