fall soup: curried cream of broccoli

I finally had a weekend with time for playing in the kitchen. Which was convenient as I realized we’re already in October and I have yet to make any of the five new soup recipes on my fall bucket list. I’m sticking to my October Whole30, so I needed to find something compliant. After browsing my favorite food websites, I settled on Nom Nom Paleo’s Curried Cream of Broccoli soup. This food challenge is already off to a better start than my summer BBQ recipes since the first one is worthy of sharing. IMG_6961_edited-1

Chopping these ingredients reminded me that I used to make a delicious broccoli soup from my Betty Crocker cookbook. I’m pretty sure it used a heavy pour of cream though. Also, I recall it making my apartment stink of broccoli for a few days, which did not happen at all with this recipe. Big bonus.

Now is the time that I confess I dumped in a tablespoon of what I thought was curry powder but turned out to be cumin. Not wanting to waste a giant pot of soup, I added a tablespoon of curry too and let it finish cooking.


Verdict: It is really good! You can definitely taste the cumin and it probably takes away from the curry flavor, but luckily my mistake didn’t ruin the soup. The coconut milk didn’t result in a coconuty flavor at all, but did help give more of that creamy soup feel. It is fairly light and a perfect side dish. We had it with two new recipes, both of which were delicious: pan-roasted chicken and sautéed chard that was amazing. Go make the chard. Now. Because of the Whole30 I skipped the wine and the cheese, but I can only imagine they’d make it even more delicious. IMG_6982_edited-1

And my favorite: leftovers for a quick side dish all week. Here’s hoping the next four recipes are worth sharing as well.

3 thoughts on “fall soup: curried cream of broccoli

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