the week in food: old school italian meat sauce

We had a weekend of nothing. Alfred went to see the vet and I went to see the hairdresser, but besides those two appointments we had no where we had to be at any point. It was amazing. And I had lots of fun in the kitchen.

I stayed true to my Whole30 and as of now (Sunday night) am just closing in on day 7. Because we had no socializing this weekend it was really easy. Though after a long day on Friday I really could have gone for a glass of wine. So far I’m sleeping like a rock and while I haven’t noticed any changes in how my clothes fit I do feel like my stomach is a little less bloated. On to week two!


Here’s what we ate this weekend and what we’re going to eat this week. Everything we’ve had so far has been new to us and really good. I recommend it all.

Saturday: scrambled eggs with leftover asparagus (breakfast), tuna salads with homemade mayo (lunch), chicken thighs + greens + broccoli soup (dinner, which I will post about later since it was all delicious)

The soup was my first new soup recipe out of five on my fall bucket list. Suggestions for others I need to try?

Sunday: Chipotle (we skipped breakfast and after a family hike headed straight to Chipotle for lunch to stop the hangry-induced bickering), old school italian meat sauce over spaghetti squash (dinner)


The recipe is a little time intensive but so good and makes at least 3 or 4 meals for two, or will serve several guests. You can find the recipe by downloading the preview of Well Fed 2 which comes out later this month. Well Fed is my favorite cookbook so I can’t wait until 2 arrives.

And this week:

Breakfast: southwestern frittata + half avocado + baked apple cinnamon tazo herbal tea or decaf coffee with coconut milk (i’m trying to only have coffee a few days a week)

Lunch: leftover meat sauce + veggies with tessemea’s dressing; leftover taco salad

Dinner: chicken apple sausages + roasted delicata squash; thai food with friends; steak + broccolini; taco salad; fish + whatever veggies show up in the CSA box on Friday morning

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