the week in food: kicking off a whole30

This week’s menu is super simple. And totally Whole30 compliant.

On Thursday or Friday, as I ate my umpteenth mini Hersey’s bar (free and always stocked in all the break rooms at work) I texted Lauren saying I was going to start a real Whole30 on Monday.

When I got home that night I dug up my old day planner, ripped out the October monthly spread, added days 1 – 30, and taped it above my desk. It’s not beautiful, but it’s definitely serving its purpose of accountable. IMG_6931_edited-1

Here’s what I’m eating Monday – Friday this week.

Breakfast: chorizo casserole + half avocado + baked apple cinnamon tazo herbal tea

Lunch: rotisserie chicken from whole foods + lettuce, cucumber, tomato, red bell pepper + tessemae’s lemon chesapeake salad dressing

Dinner: ropa vieja (not an online recipe, from a paleo crockpot cookbook I have) + sauteed spinach + cauliflower mash + asparagus + delicate squash (not all those veggies at once, two per night). Friday night is salmon marinaded in a new tessemae’s marinade.

Simple, easy, and the vast majority of it is already done and waiting for me in the fridge.

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