Project Life: Week 35

Week 35 (August 26 – September 1)

IMG_6676_edited-1Visitors again! After a small ER scare with Maksym on Thursday, the rest of the weekend was all fun and games. We made ice cream, went to the Evergreen State Fair, met Arek for lunch, and hung new artwork on the map wall. 


Alfred finally came around to Maks, especially when he realized meal time meant a high likelihood he’d end up with a few dropped bites. By the end of the weekend they were buds, as long as Maks didn’t make any sudden movements. 


Supplies used: Seafoam project life kit; Midnight project life kit; Studio Calico Marks & Co. kit; Studio Calico Steinbeck kitKelly Purkey August + September kit; Elise Joy stamps. I love the stamps I’ve bought so far. I am able to use them over and over, which I’m finding is way more affordable than buying one off stamps for single purpose. Good note to self. 

The Mom Creative

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