Fall 2013 Bucket List


While I write this it is a balmy 80 degree Sunday afternoon and I’m sipping on a white wine spritzer with fresh peach. Earlier this week, it felt like fall. I even brought out the boots for work one day. I’m sad to say goodbye to summer, but if I don’t think about impending winter, I’m really excited for fall.

1. Try five new soup recipes. What’s not to love about soup? I have go-to chili and quick week night pizza soup recipes, but I want to add a few more to the rotation.

2. Celebrate our anniversary. Our first anniversary is in late September, and am looking forward to celebrating with a night away and a dinner on the ocean. Instead of gifts, we’re focusing on ways to spend more time together and make that time quality.

3. Enjoy trick-or-treaters. I have never really enjoyed Halloween, but I have to admit I’m a little excited to live in a house this year. I’ve not lived in a house since 2001, the last college summer I spent at my parents’ home. We are looking forward to having a slue of neighborhood kids swing by for candy. Alfred will spend the evening downstairs.

4. Decorate for fall. Last year, we were in flux during both fall and the holidays. We hardly decorated for either as we were recovering from planning a wedding and in middle of moving from the condo to our house. I’d like to at least decorate our dining room table.

5. Make sauerkraut. This has been on my to-do list for years. The spicy kraut I used to eat with breakfast every morning costs a small fortune to ship from San Francisco, so I gave up on it when I moved. A little probiotic is a good thing though, so it’s finally making the list.

6. Learn to sew. I’m taking a sewing class with a girlfriend from work. I’ve promised Greg I will take the entire series and wait to buy a sewing machine until I determine I both enjoy sewing and will make use of the machine.

7. Make the Pioneer Woman’s cinnamon rolls. These are a heart attack in a tin pan. They have sounded amazing for years, so I’m going to make a half batch for Greg and I to enjoy on Thanksgiving morning as a treat. Since a half batch makes three tins, some lucky friends will receive Thanksgiving treats.

8. Do yoga once a week. Recently, I hurt my back doing deadlifts at the gym. I don’t spend nearly enough time doing mobility work as I should for as heavy as I like to lift. This isn’t anything fancy and most weeks probably won’t even be done in a studio. It will just be me and my favorite DVD in the living room. Simple works.

9. Clean out my closet. Holy mess, Batman. This thing is a disaster. I have spent many frantic weekday morning throwing things out of the closet, cartoon style, looking for a missing shoe. My dresser, jewelry, and closet are all getting an organization makeover this fall.


10. Bake a pumpkin pie. Last year I made a grain-free, refined sugar-free pumpkin pie. And it was crap. This year I will make one pie and it will be full of refined sugar and gluten. It will taste delicious, we will enjoy it, and then look forward to another one in 2014. Recipe suggestions welcome.

Fall is by far my favorite. I can’t wait to get started on this list. For the record, I consider fall to be Labor Day through Thanksgiving. I’m still working on pictures from my summer bucket list, but there will definitely be a wrap-up post soon.

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