Project Life: Week 33

Week 33 (August 12 – August 18)

IMG_6622_edited-1I had fun during the week decorating and baking with a giant zucchini. Pretty much a normal week with Greg home (sometimes I have to think back about where he was – the weekdays tend to all bleed together). The weekend, however, was a crazy travel bonanza in southern California. We were in Los Angeles to meet Sloane Harper for the first time and in northern San Diego county attending my grandma’s 90th birthday party.


There were so very many pictures from all the festivities that I finally settled on making sure each member of my immediate family made it into one good photo, along with the baby and the birthday girls (it was also Lauren’s 32nd on Friday). I only failed with Mia, who is constantly on the go. I was sad to realize after the fact I didn’t get a single picture of her.


I used the ‘big girl’ camera tons this weekend. Overall the spread is a mix between iPhone and DSLR, but this was a definite improvement to recent travel weekends when I haven’t even removed the big camera from my bag. My sister took the photo of Greg and I while we were watching a body surfing competition in Oceanside on Sunday morning.


I used an insert to fit more pictures from southern California. I honestly could have done three or four inserts with all the pictures, and started to go down that route. But then I decided to just keep it simple and get the highlights in. You don’t have to tell every detail of a story to tell the story.


This week is very photo heavy, which I don’t find as aesthetically pleasing as when it’s more of a mix. But, it’s not every week you meet your BFF’s first child and your grandma turns 90. Pictures are more important than embellishments this week.


I should mention that I totally stole the idea of adding an arrow to the split blue card from this post.

Supplies used: Seafoam project life kit; Studio Calico August kit; Studio Calico July kitKelly Purkey August + September kit; free quote card & stamps from Elise Joy.

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