holy zucchini

Besides time with family and hot weather, one of my favorite things about a weekend in eastern Washington is coming home with produce from the orchard. This weekend it was nectarines and a massive zucchini. Sadly I forgot to pick a bag of peaches on our way out.

As we walked back up to the farmhouse from taking Alfred down to the river, Cathy and I decided to check out Carlos’ garden. He has some of the most unusual looking squash growing – is there such thing as a watermelon squash? He also had several plants with tomatillos, but I didn’t want to take anything that was still on the vine and growing.


Enter my luck: I found a huge zucchini sitting on the ground, no longer on the vine. I made Cathy pose with it. Side note: how beautiful is the scenery out there? I could sit at the orchard for hours just looking around. Actually, that is what I do when everyone else works at harvest time.

It weighed in at two pounds, ten ounces. IMG_6508_edited-1I didn’t really want to eat zucchini every night this week, so I cut up enough for dinner on Monday then hit Pinterest for an idea to use up the rest. It ended up turning into 8 spears plus four cups of food processed zucchini.


The winning recipe was chosen mostly because I had all the ingredients on hand and it only required baking for 18 minutes, a plus on an 80 degree day with no AC. Definitely recommended for using up large stashes of zucchini or if you just want to pretend to make a healthy muffin. I would like to be eating a muffin in London right now.

And just for fun, a picture of the doodle since he was hanging around my photo shoot. This is his most common expression. He takes life very seriously. So strange he got partnered with footloose, fancy-free humans like us, huh?


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