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Even before we had picked a house I was scheming about creating a wall collage of the various city maps we’ve collected. When we found our home I knew the perfect wall was above the couch in the office. We spend the vast majority of our time at home in the office and these prints are our favorites, so why wouldn’t we combine.


I saw a genius idea on Pinterest a while ago to map out a photo collage using brown packing paper before committing to nails in the wall. It makes the project so much easier and there are only a few extra nail holes in our wall. I traced each frame onto paper, cut them out, then wrote the print title. Using painters tape, I put them up and rearranged, measured, and tweaked until we were happy.

IMG_6471_edited-1 I love how our office is coming along. Hopefully soon I’ll post our desks. Greg’s is done but mine is still waiting for a few finishing touches. I probably have more finishing touches left than Greg has touches in total on his, but we are both quite happy with our little spaces.

IMG_6485My view from the couch as I plan what we can add next. Most of the fun is finding prints that we both love and mean something to us. I hope by the time we move someday the wall is a crazy mess of cities we love. And with this I get to check one more item off the summer bucket list.

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